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Tips for Avoiding COVID this Summer and Fall

Many of us will travel and gather over the summer and fall. The pandemic is still happening, tallying about 100,000 new cases in the U.S. every day as of June 2022. In most counties, cases and hospitalizations are rising. Elected and industry leaders have ‘normalized’ a death rate of around 350 people a day from COVID-19.

The People’s CDC does not accept exposure to such widespread illness and risk as normal or routine.

We recommend continued use of capas de protección. when you travel or make plans to gather in person. We can enjoy gatherings and be safe from COVID!

  1. Wear a well fitting N95 or KN95 mask in all indoor public spaces and transports. If waiting in lines to board transits, try to physically distance as much as possible.
  2. Make sure all attendees of gatherings are fully vaccinated and boosted. Vaccines won’t prevent you from becoming infected, but they greatly reduce the chance of serious illness and death. If you’ve had COVID, it is still possible for you to get reinfected.
  3. Take a rapid antigen test when you arrive. It is best to test daily at larger gatherings with folks coming from various locations. If you test positive or develop symptoms, stay away from others and let them know you are positive or sick.
  4. Hold gatherings outside with sensible spacing if possible. If you must be inside, keep your mask on at all times. Make sure the room is well ventilated with cross circulation. Try to avoid eating indoors.
  5. Take a rapid test when you return home. You may not have symptoms even if you are infected. If you live with high risk or vulnerable people, stay away from them for 5 days and then have a negative rapid test before freely socializing. If you test positive, you’ll need to isolate for 10 days and notify anyone you spent time with.

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