Find Resources Near You

As the government cuts back its programs, find resources near you to continue protecting yourself and others.

The Biden Administration is declaring an end to the Public Health Emergency on May 11 even though the pandemic is not yet over.

  • This means less help will be available for everyone affected by COVID in any way.
  • Although the government and the employers are more interested in corporate profits than in our needs and health, we can organize to fight back.
  • We can help each other deal with the cuts and protect our health.
  • Many resources will be taken away. Even without COVID, we need these resources.
  • It is good news that COVID cases are decreasing (for now, at least), but we still have to help each other.

Here’s where to get help with COVID-related issues. As the emergency ends, mutual aid and other resources in our communities can help fill the gaps in accessing:




Eviction Support

Food Support

Psychological Support

Advocacy & Organizing

Mutual Aid

Fight Back!

The rich have made trillions due to COVID, while ordinary people have gotten sick and died.

  • Join organizations or create your own to fight for housing, food, health care, education, prison, and immigrant justice, as well as for layers of protection against COVID
  • Support workers’ strikes and unions organizing for higher pay, health benefits, sick leave, and safe working conditions, such as Starbucks, railroad, teachers, and health workers.
  • Join organizations opposing the end of Covid emergency services that reduced evictions, increased food benefits, provided free masks, tests, medicines, and vaccines
  • Check out other resources from the People’s CDC that remain relevant, including the guide on Layers of Protection.

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