What is the MISSION AND VISION OF THE people’s cdc?

The People’s CDC is a CDC watchdog, and a public health advocacy and health justice group. Structured as a coalition of volunteer-run cooperative teams, we work to end the COVID pandemic for everyone, to expand the social safety net, and to build the robust public health infrastructure we all deserve. 

Through extensive and accessible (online and offline) science communication, watchdog efforts revealing State and Public Health failures, and through well-coordinated campaigns to bring COVID-based health and safety demands within organized labor and community organizations, the People’s CDC will grow both our reach and impact. Building on a foundation of trust and relationships developed through working together, we will build the collective power required to provide the things we need to end the pandemic and to win an expanded social safety net and public health infrastructure for all.

Recent Posts

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Too Many Deaths, Too Many People Left Behind.

Learning from the ‘COVID war’

Amid an emergent international consensus that the COVID pandemic is “over,” writings about the pandemic and its meanings have burst forth like the flowers of June.

PCDC Webinar: Wastewater Surveillance for Detecting COVID-19

Marc Johnson leads a webinar on the importance of wastewater data and continued monitoring of COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Weather Report

Get our latest COVID-19 guidance from
the Weather Report.

The Urgency of Equity

A toolkit to make schools safer for all from COVID-19.

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Email: info@peoplescdc.org

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