Community Standards

  • We appreciate different perspectives but do not tolerate hate speech that arises from supremacism, such as racism, homophobia, patriarchal thinking, red baiting, etc.
  • Bring your best self to meetings and assume good intentions of others.
  • Speak briefly and share your perspective, not speaking for the whole group.
  • Center marginalized voices and those most impacted by the pandemic.
  • Stay on topic and listen to others.
  • Information produced by PCDC needs to be scientifically accurate and accessible to all.
  • We work from a minimum viable product and aim to learn from feedback.
  • Respect the voices of everyone, not just experts or academic voices.
  • Strive to create relationships within PCDC to strengthen solidarity.
  • Respect the integrity of other organizations and expect they respect ours and our community standards.
  • Organizing across identities and backgrounds comes with its challenges. We must work towards being direct in our communication, especially when there is conflict. For example, if someone makes a claim of classism, they will be asked to be concrete about what happened and why it was classist. We recognize that being direct can feel confrontational for some people who are from regions, families, or backgrounds where direct communication is not the norm.

Those who fail to abide by these standards will be held accountable and can result in being asked to leave the general meeting or the group entirely. 


*Last Updated and Adopted on 13 April 2023