COVID Isolation Expert Sign On Letter


This is an open letter to the Director of The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It was written by volunteers with The People’s CDC, a CDC watchdog and public health advocacy and health justice group. We’re asking medical, public health, and scientific professionals (defined broadly as having credentials and/or professional/technical experience in related fields) to show their support by signing onto the letter before it is sent and published via this Google form.



The letter and signatures will be shared on our website,, and via social media channels. If you have any questions or concerns, you can write to us at


Mandy Cohen, MD, MPH, Director

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

1600 Clifton Road

Atlanta, Georgia 30329


Dear Dr. Cohen:

As medical professionals, public health professionals, scientists, and public health advocates, we call on you to fulfill your duty as the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to protect the health and safety of the people by reinstating science-based COVID isolation guidelines with a minimum isolation period of 7 to 10 days. Under the guise of a “simplified” approach, the new isolation guidance,1 published on 3/1/2024, endangers public health by drastically reducing, and in some situations eliminating, COVID isolation. 


The CDC’s 3/1/2024 updated COVID isolation guidance is inappropriate for the following reasons:

  1. The infectious period for COVID routinely extends beyond the recommended isolation period.


The CDC’s updated isolation guidelines do not capture the typical length of the infectious period for COVID, which is expected to last around 7 to 10 days, with variability among individuals and viral variants.2 In a study conducted in 2022-2023, the peak median viral load was around day 4 to 5 of symptoms.3 This finding runs counter to the following statement from the CDC’s own background for the updated guidance: “This recommendation addresses the period of greatest infectiousness and highest viral load for most people, which is typically in the first few days of illness and when symptoms, including fever, are worst.”4 An appropriate isolation approach should extend long enough to capture the infectious period for most people and should incorporate a test-based approach for exit from isolation.


The updated isolation guidance places a scientifically unfounded emphasis on fever and other symptoms, which are often absent in COVID patients and are not required for disease transmission. Asymptomatic and presymptomatic infections,5,6 identified through contact tracing and testing, warrant appropriate isolation to prevent transmission. The CDC’s cited references and the broader scientific literature do not support relying on fever and on subjective improvement in symptoms as key indicators of infectiousness. The CDC has a responsibility to formulate policy decisions based on appropriate evidence applied using a precautionary approach. The CDC also has the capability to generate the evidence if it does not exist or is insufficient.  


The updated isolation guidance will be used by employers to justify forcing people back to work while they are still contagious and still recovering from their COVID infection.7 The public needs support from the CDC to bolster worker access to and use of paid sick time. The updated guidance makes workplaces, schools, and other public spaces riskier for all people and inaccessible for those who must avoid COVID infection, especially those at high risk of severe COVID,8 those with high risk family members, and members of disproportionately impacted and marginalized communities.9


  1. COVID continues to be a serious threat to health, through both acute infections and Long COVID.


In 2023 alone, COVID killed over 75,000 people in the US.10 We continued to see over 1,000 weekly COVID deaths as of February 10, 2024.10 The risk of Long COVID is about 10% following a single infection.11 As of March 4, 2024, the Census Bureau found 17.6% of US adults reported ever having experienced Long COVID (almost 35 million people12), and 6.7% of US adults are currently experiencing Long COVID.13 COVID is known to commonly cause long-term sequelae across a broad range of organ systems, with repeated infections worsening the effects.14 Vaccination and antiviral treatment are underutilized (see below) and only provide partial protection from Long COVID.11,15 We still lack specific treatments for Long COVID. Due to the ongoing serious risks from both acute infection and Long COVID, preventing new COVID infections through appropriate isolation should be a priority.


  1. Vaccination and antivirals for COVID are underutilized and do not provide complete protection from serious disease.


While vaccination and prompt antiviral treatment can reduce the risk of severe COVID, neither provides complete protection, and both are underutilized. As of February 24, 2024, only 22.2% of US adults16 and 13.1% of children1717 have received the 2023-2024 COVID vaccines. 

Although rates of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) have slowed since 2020-2021, 112 cases were reported in 2023, with 82.1% of those occurring in unvaccinated children. Among cases in vaccinated children, 60% occurred in children who had not received a booster within the last year.18 The updated guidance will cause more children to be exposed to the virus, particularly in daycare and school settings. 


There are significant ongoing barriers to antiviral access for populations at high risk of severe COVID. In a 2023 study, only 31.9% of eligible patients with risk factors for severe COVID were prescribed COVID antiviral therapy.19 In April of this year, one established mechanism for access to timely no-cost testing and treatment with Paxlovid, the NIH-funded “Home Test to Treat” program, will be ending.

Rebound infections with or without symptoms20 following antiviral treatment must also be addressed with appropriately precautionary and science-based guidelines. In patients who have been treated for COVID using antivirals, appropriate isolation with a test-based approach to exit from isolation is especially important to reduce the population risk of emergence and spread of treatment-resistant variants.


  1. COVID spreads year-round, unlike influenza and RSV.

Unification of COVID guidance with influenza and other respiratory viruses is inappropriate from an epidemiologic standpoint, as COVID spread continues to occur year-round. Peaks in COVID wastewater and hospitalizations have often occurred in fall-winter but also occur in other seasons (such as April 2021 and July 2022). In a striking contrast to influenza and RSV, there is no season where a near-zero level of COVID wastewater levels or hospitalizations can be observed. The lowest level of weekly COVID hospitalizations within the last year was 6,324 the week of June 24, 2023.21


The CDC has recognized this ongoing year-round risk of COVID in its recommendation from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices that all people aged 65 and older receive another 2023-2024 COVID booster this spring.22 Unified guidance for viruses with differing patterns of spread creates confusion over when to use and how to implement the guidance. Clear, virus-specific guidance is needed for public health professionals, healthcare workers, and community members to understand that they should utilize COVID testing in conjunction with COVID-specific isolation year-round, including outside of the typical fall-winter respiratory viral season.


  1. COVID is a systemic disease with harmful impacts (acute infections and Long COVID) that are greater than influenza and RSV.


Compared to patients hospitalized for influenza, patients hospitalized for COVID experience a higher risk of death, higher risk of long term consequences, and greater reductions in disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) overall.23 The incidence rate for COVID also remains higher than influenza and RSV, resulting in a wider effect on the entire population. Considering the impact of acute infections as well as Long COVID, the population level harm is greater for COVID than for RSV and other respiratory viruses.


  1. The isolation update was developed and implemented without appropriate public engagement and without input from a broad range of experts.


The process of updating the COVID isolation guidance was conducted without transparency and without public comment. The agency must make public comment conveniently available to all, and especially including disproportionately impacted and marginalized communities.9 A broad range of expertise must be incorporated into CDC processes and explicitly used in decision-making to ensure that COVID isolation policies protect people and communities, especially those most vulnerable to an infection and consequently Long COVID. 


Concluding Remarks:

The above points cite much of the same evidence that is used within the CDC’s own background document; however, our demand for science-based COVID isolation guidelines with a minimum isolation period of 7 to 10 days represents a practical application of the precautionary principle. We urge you to engage the public who are in communities directly affected by these policies, and to correct this guidance and recommit to an agenda that protects population health and promotes policies which enable all people to thrive. 

Given the well-established and growing body of evidence of COVID’s harmful and long-lasting impacts, transmission without symptoms, and the duration of infectiousness, we call upon you to correct the agency’s recently announced COVID isolation guidelines and to do so using an open, science and evidence based, precautionary, and consistent approach. Only with a transparent process, meaningful public engagement, and clear prioritization of the public’s health will your agency be able to regain the public’s trust.



Kaitlin Sundling, MD, PhD, Pathologist in Wisconsin

Samuel R. Friedman, Research Professor of Population Health

Shimi Sharief, MD, MPH, Nephrologist and Public Health Physician in Oregon

Zoey Thill, MD, MPP, MPH, Family Medicine Physician in New York



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Expert Signatures

A. Deckert MD, MPH
A.J. Holm MPH
Adam J. Moore MPH
Alabún’mí A.M. Jones MS 
Alex Fay BSN
Ali Lubbers, PT, DPT DPT
Alison T. Brill, MPH MPH
Allen Hazard, Masters Degree
Allison Taylor, RN BA, BSN
Alston C Lundgren, MD
Amanda Tran MA, LMFT
Andrea Lyman M.D., M.Sc., M.S.
Andrea Still Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education
Andrew Wang, PhD, MPH
Angela Adler PhD, M.A.
Anita Bermann Masters of Science Nutrition, Registered Dietitian
Ann Marie Faust PhD
Anna Cupito MPH
Anna White MS
Anne-Marie Read Ph.D.
Annie-Danielle Grenier B.Sc. Psychology
April Lowell, PhD PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology
Aric Campling, MS, RN, NI-BC BSN, MSN
Barbara C. Wallace, PhD 
Barbara Greenfield RN, BSN, CNLCP, CCM
Beth Garaas Isley BS, MT, SM, CLS (ASCP)
Bettina Manuel B.A., M.S
Bianca D. Rivera MPH, DrPHc
Brian Wood MD, Professor of Pediatrics
Brittany Walling, MPH, CHES
Caitlin Brady, DPT
Camilla Cracchiolo RN
Cara Dyer, MSc
Carol Miller, MPH
Caroline Blanchard M. Psych.
Carolyn F Nemec MD, IFMCP
Charleen Krueger BS Ed, MS Ed, ASN
Chelsea Alvarado, MD
Chris Herman, MSW, LICSW
Christie Cotcher MA, LMFT
Christin Cawley M.A., B.S.
Christina Georgeff, ADN
Christina Lee, MPH
Christine O’Neill MMSc, PA-C
Christopher Reif MD,MPH,MA
Cindy Nelson Registered Dietitian
Claudia Megaro RN
Claudia Pollet MD, MPH
Claudia Rios, MS 
Constantine Kaniklidis
Cynthia Millin, MD
Dana Ludwig, MD
Daniel C. Best, OD Optometry
Daniel Yusupov, MD
Danielle Friedman MD, MBA
David Alpern, MD
David W. Goldman, MD
Dean Maxwell, LICSW 
Deb Robarge, BSN, RN, NCSN
Debbie Brothers, BSN
Debbie McGee, RN
Deborah Santor MSW, PA
Deborah Socolar, MPH
Deborah Wallace PhD
Debra Balke, MD
Denise Cedar, RDN Denise Hodson, BSN, LSN
Desiree O. Abu-Odeh, PhD, MPH
Di Schempp, RN, Master of Nursing
Diana Romero PhD, MA
Dorie Klein, PhD
Dr. Deborah Hayes MBBS, FRACP, DDU
Dr Jonathan Fluxman, MRCGP
Dr Tiffany Hughes-Eagen, MD
Dr. Adriana Garriga-Lopez, PhD
Dr. Alexandra Juhasz, PhD
Dr. Anastasia Zink, PhD
Dr. David J. Heeger, PhD
Dr. Jill Rawlings PhD
Dr. Kaiden Price, PhD 
Dr. Kara O’Neal, PhD
Dr. Lorien Lake-Corral MA, PhD
Dr. Mark Staebler PhD
Dr. Meredith Lum, DVM
Dr. Richard Wikander, PhD
Dr. Samantha Lattof PhD, MSc
Dr. Steven Anthony Sola, Ph.D.
Dr. Wendy Upadhyay, PsyD
E.S. Greenhouse Masters Theological Studies 
Edith Cohen, Ph.D.
Elaine Reale, PharmD 
Elizabeth McDermott, RN, BSN
Elizabeth Oram RN, NP
Elle K. Pierce, BSN, RN, CPN 
Ellen Oconnor, PhD
Ellen Isaacs, MD
Emily Boundaoné RN, MSN
Emily Edelman, MSW
Emily Hurster, MSW
Emily Perkins, PhD
Emmeline Kaiser 
Eric Smith, BS
Eric Underwood 
Eric Weber Master of Architecture and Environmental Design
Erica A. Newman, PhD
Erica Harmon, MSW
Erica Olson, Advanced Care Paramedic
Erica Victoria MSW, MA
Fern Viridian
Finlay Sarafa McHale BA, LCSW
Fiona Black, MD
Franny Eanet MS, MA
Fred V. Plapp, MD PhD
George Friou, MPH
Gilberto Ramos, MD
Gisa Dang, MA
Gretchen Clarke, MPH
Gwen D’Arcangelis, PhD
H. E. Longmaid III, MD, MS
Hayong Lau, BA 
Hayward C Maben III, MD
Heather Bregger, MSW
Heather Tooker-Blue BS, MS, PhD 
Holly S Harris, M.S.
Howard Waitzkin MD, PhD
Ian Ramdeen, MPP 
Isabel Nelson BA, MPH
Jack Ball, DO
Jack Ringhand MPH, RN
James Morris, PhD
Jamie Tam MPH, PhD
Jan Willer, Oh.D.
Jane Evered PhD, RN
Jane Westerby BS, MBA
Jane Zill, MSW
Janette L. Funk, PhD, MA
Jay A. Gold MD, JD, MPH
Jean Schensul, PhD
Jenee Sallee MSN, NP-C
Jennifer Smietana, JD
Jennifer Storey, TM 
Jennifer Webster, MPH
Jeoffry B. Gordon, MD, MPH
Jerry D. Smilack, MD
Jessica Offir, Ph.D.
Jessica Peacock PhD
Jessica S. Sachs, MSc 
Jessica Ziehl MA
Jill Riera, MA, CHES 
Jillian Allibone
Joanne Ahola, MD, DLFAPA
John Steen, PhD
Jon Rosenberg MD
Jonathan Bressler MS
Joshua N. Friedlander, Psy.D.
Joshun Dulai, MPH
JP Smith MSW
Julie Lam, MFA

K. Jennifer Berry, Masters
K. Nic Tobin, BS,  MLS(ASCP)CM
Kaethe Weingarten, PhD
Karen Kauffeld, BSN
Karen Walker RN, CCM
Karl Broman, PhD
Karoline Gostl, MSTOM
Karyn Pomerantz MLS, MPH


Kate Horowitz, MA 
Kate Koliha, MSc, RN
Kathleen Kane-Willis, MA

Kathy Dervin, MPH
KC Holeyfield, MD
Kelly George, RN
Kelly Thompson, LCSW
Kendra Costner, 
Kenichi Okamoto PhD

Kevin Gotkin, PhD
Kim Barosh, CVT
Kimra Ross, MD 
Kira Meskin Schiff OTD, OTR/L, CAPS, ECHM, ADAC
Kirsten Held, MS 
Lara Niederhauser BS, CHES
Lars Aanning, MD
Laura Balascio, BS 
Laura L Cole, M.E.M., BS 
Laura Silberstein, PhD 
Laura T Smith, RN, BSN
Lauren Alegre, BS
Lauri Appelbaum MSW
Laurie Shimmin Zimmer RN, BSN
Leland Perzanowski, BSN
Leslie Rosenthal, MD
Linda D Green MD
Linda Sommers RN BSN, BA
Lisa McGiffert, BA
Liz Allen BFA
Lori Nitchals, RN
Luc Bherer, MD
Lynda Stidham, MD
Madelaine Matej MacQueen, PhD
Maggie Rosenbloom, LICSW MSW
Marc Heller MD, FACOG
Maren Spolum MPH, MPP
Maria Luz Lara-Marquez MD, PhD
Marisa La Piana, LCSW
Marty Pack, MA
Matthew Trower MSW 
Maura McLaughlin, MD
Maureen Benjamins, PhD
Meghan S. Harris MPH
Melissa Marver PhD, MS
Merrit Koskelo MD, PHD
Mia Pinto-Ochoa Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Michael Moore, MSN, NP-C, RN
Michael Pollatsek MD
Michelle Orengo-McFarlane, MD
Molly Downhour BSN, MHA
Monica VanBuskirk, MBA
Natasha Dang, MD
Nathan Downhour PharmD
Nina Gonzales DNP, MSN-Ed, BSN, RN
Olivia Marie, MA
Pamela Summit MD
Patch Tseng-Putterman Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Paul Tindall MPH, CPH
Peggy H Molloy BSN
Peter Woods BSN, MSN
Dr Andrew Parker MA, PhD, ScD
Rebecca Ancira Robertson, BA
Rebecca Barrett-Fox, PhD
Rebecca Edwards PharmD, BCCP, BCAP
Renee T. Despres PhD, MPH
Rev. Dr. Myke Johnson BA, MDiv, DMin.
Rhea Finn Doctorate of Pharmacy
Rhea Sellitto, BS
Ricardo Ismach, MD, MPH, MS, MPH, AB
Rita Dinser, RN
Rita Lewis BSN, PHN 
Rita Valenti, RN
Robert Hall, MD
Robert E. Oshel PhD
Robert R Estrada MD, MPH
Robin Kalish, MD MPH
Robin W Allison DVM, PhD, Dipl. ASVCP
Rosa Ramos, MD
Sadaf Ajani
Sallay Kallon, BA 
Sam Sharpe, PhD Candidate
Sandra Levine, MA
Sarah Jean Barton ThD, MS, OTR/L, BCP
Serena Barton, MS
Shana Bates, RN RN,ND
Shanna Lee Horvik
Shelby Seier
Sheri Greenspan MS
Sherry Ward, PhD, MBA, EMS
Stephanie Covington, MSW, PhD
Stephanie Daumas, MA
Stephanie Voltolin Architecture
Stephen Christensen, PhD 
Stephen Macknik, PhD
Stephen Oross III, PhD
Steven Allen, MD
Steven Joyal, MD 
Susan Bonadonna, MD
Susan Conant, EdD
Susan Fisk, MEd, MBA
Susan Gardner, PhD
Susan Levenstein MD, ABIM
Susan McNamara, MD
Susan Mitchell, MPH
Suzan Walters, PhD
Sylvia Oliver, PhD 
T. Thomaston, RN
Tami Regan, RN, CHT-CNO
Taryn Gillies, PhD
Teddy Miller
Tiffany Hughes-Eagen, MD
Timothy Frasca, MPH
Trude Bennett MPH, DrPH
Ursula Tooley, PhD
Vera J. Soto, MPA 
Victor Yim, MD
Victoria Wu, PhD Vincente Cordero MPH, BA 
Virginia Adams O’Connell, PhD
Virginia Lee 
Walter Tsou MD, MPH
Wayne Westerman, PhD 
Wendy D Mathias RN, PHN, PNP
William Alford BSEE, MSEE
William Butler BS, MBA, NH
Yanling Yu, PhD
Yonah EtShalom MSN, MPH
Zachary Barrett 
Joe Sheridan, PhD
Elizabeth Panetta MSW, LICSW
Dr. Sarah Hamilton PhD
Karen Schnieders Dailey, MEd
Jocelyn Tello, PsyD
Anjana Mebane-Cruz, PhD
Stacy L. Rilea, PhD BS, MA, PhD
Carmella Cole, BS Nursing, BA 
Pamela MacKay BSN, RN
Kelly Tuttle, MSN
Tatiana Henry, DVM
Clare Venus, PhD 
Julia Saltz PhD
Nicole Leadley, DDS
Jennifer Johnson, MD
Joanna Rives BSN, MSN
Sami Schalk, PhD
Mary Moltmann, PhD, AB, MA
Judith Senecal BSN
Annie Fox, JD
Victoria Copeland PhD, MSW
Jessica Holton MSW, LCSW, LCAS
Regina MacRae, MSW
Michele Manber, PhD
Harry Hochheiser, PhD
Mariam Rahman, PhD
Gina Wallin, PhD
Pamela MacKay, RN, BSN, RN
Margaret Henderson former RN, BSN

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 Merry Palachek
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G Miller
Gabriella P.
Genevieve Drutchas
Genevieve Maxwell
Georgia Bellas
Georgia Zarifes
Gesine Lohr
Gina T
Ginger Golde
Grace Heneghan
Gracie Regala
Graham Dunkle
Greg Wolfe
Gretchen Bickert
Gretchen Seichrist
Gwendolyn Hill
H Bertman
Han Europa
Hannah Fetter
Hannah Halpern
Hannah Harris
Hannah Tralka
Hannah W
Hans Lindahl
Haven McClure
Heather A Miller
Heather Bartleson
Heather Booth
Heather Booth
Heather H
Heather Lobitz
Heather Wylie
Heidi Kushious
Heidi L Sherer
Helen E. Stickney
Helen Hazi
Henry Kaiser
Henry Venneman
Hiroko Kawana
Holly Lewandowski
Irina Malinow
Isaac M.
Isabella Baldauf
Isabella Montiel
J Hensley
J Kirkwood
J Sauceda
J Sauceda
J Takane
J. Bujes
J. Meyers, PhD
Jack Sanders
Jackie Cartwright
Jae Foxglove
James Burvant
James Cameron
James G. Lertola
James MacKay
Jamie Main
Jamie Sanin
Jan Perozeni, RN
Jana Moore
Janice Cavanaugh
Janine Ryan
Jasmin Smith
Jason M. Sullivan
Jayne S
Jean Wolitzer
Jef Kinney
Jeff Cubeta
Jeffrey A. Clark
Jeffrey J Miller
Jenn Newman
Jennie Thai
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Cross
Jennifer Nunez
Jennifer R
Jennifer R M
Jennifer Seline
Jenny Churchill
Jenny O’Connell
Jenny Schlosser
Jerielle Morwitz
Jessi Presley-Grusin
Jessica Janett
Jessica lanyadoo
Jessica McCollum
Jessica Washnis
Jim Friscia
Jim Gehret
Jinny Karstenson
Joan De Lurio
Jocelyn Gandolfi
Joey Pincus
John D. Holst
John Earl
John Hondrogen
John M Ector
John Meszaros
John R Roten
John shaginaw
John zeising
Jon Krampner
Jon Lesher
Jonathan Goldner
Jordan D’Addeo
Jordan McClure
Joshua Roman
Joy Sherfey
Julia Montgomery
Julie Rolla
June Dey
Justin Acheampong
Jynx macTavish
K Horowitz
K Wiggins
K. Heatherington
K.V. Cantrell
Kaila Trawitzki
Kait Renna
karen burke
Kari Litteer
Karl Hildenbrand
Karla Barton
Kate Alber
Kate Hedrick
Kate r
Kate Strolle
Katelyn Lipton
Katharine Huseby
Katharine Huseby
Katherine Angus
Katherine Bentley
Kathleen Devereaux
Kathleen Turturice
Kathryn Pitroff
Kathy Hardy-Crittenden
Katie H.
Katie Steele
Katy C
Kaveh Azadmanesh
Kay Kopatich
Kayla Jones
Keagan Autry
Keana wesenberg
Keely B.
Kelly Edmunds
Kelly Krantz
Kelly Stover
Kelsey Baker
Kelsey Fong
Kelsey Funkhouser, PhD
Kendall Meador
Kendra Gluck
Kennedy Aragon-Scriven
Kerri Johnson
Kevin M. Maloney
Kevin Woida
Kevin Wyatt-Stone
Kimberly Dilts
Kirsten Schmitt
Kobe Saunders
Krista EDuarte
Krista Nelson
Kristen Alexander
Kristiina Eelnurme
Kristin Entler
Kristina Golden
Kristle Kalinowski
L. Karnan
LA Pettengill
Lani Boschulte
Larissa Trygg
Laura O’Neal
Laura Weiss
Laureen Allen
Lauren Bruno
Lauren Eve Tejeda
Lauren Florek
Lauren Galant Rurkowski
Lauren Samblanet
Lauren Seserko
Leon G Scroggins III
Leon Morgan
Leonardo A Warnick
Lesa Schultz
Leslie T
Letitia Dace
Lev Olsen
Lexine Pishue
Lila Pierce
Lillian Medville
Linda Fertal
Lindsay Cruz
Lindsey Maraskine RDH
Lisa Bolin
Lisa Gibson
Lisa Lindahl
Lisa McCluer
Lisa Revette
Livka Y. Farrell
Lois Truby
Lois Ventura
Lucia Calderon Arrieta
lucinda stroud
Lucy Honold
Luis Felipe Martinez
Lynn Coville
M Aube
M Cleaveland
M. B.
M.D. Gobler
Mace Sciera
Maddie Dugan
Maeve Sherry
Maggie Harding
Maia Mares

Makeba Lavan
Makenzie Belmore

Manal Vishnoi
Margaret Becksvoort
Margo Harvey
Maria Alithinos
Mariana Harms
Marisa Brunelli
Marissa Osman
Marjorie Forbes
Mark Dixon
Mark Johnson
Mark Jones
Martha Flores-Olivas
Martha McGhee
Mary Benham
Mary Davies
Mary Kay Mann
Mary Sandstrom
Mary Silverman
Mary Claire B
Matt Sernett
Maureen Dee
Maya Murphy
Megan Cunningham
Megan Riordan
Mel Cave
Melanie Gipson
Melanie Saeck
Melanie Sonsteng-Person
Melanie Thomas
Melissa Cochran
Melissa H.
Melissa Kayser
Melissa Lawrence
Melissa Mackey
Melissa Maune
Melissa Minkoff
Melody Condon
Merith Weisman

Micaela Evans
Michael A. Weeks
Michael Baginski
Michael Driscoll
Michael Joseph
Michael Jusko
Michael Savage
Michela Gray
Michele K. Burris
Michelle Bobier
Milena Weisenborn
Mimi Ganger
Minou Pourshariati
Mitzie McElhaney, RN
Molly Freedenbebrg
Molly Gordon
Molly l
Mona Kanin
Elaine Lee
Natalia Thompson
Natalie Nielsen
Natasha Ayaz
Nathan Jordan
Nathaniel Lenington
Neeley Searl
Newman Clarke
Nicholas Winningkoff
Nicole Georges
Nicole Johnson
Nicole Lieu
Nicole Orabona
Nicole Perrone
Nicole Russell
Nicole Zender
Nina Coil
Norma Lee Chartoff
Olivia Myers
Olivia Tewksbury
Orion Johnstone
Otto Norton
Orion Fern
Pamela Lewis
Pamela Lewis
Patricia crosley
Patricia Martin
Patricia Tobin
Paul M. Dunn
Peg Blechman
Penny Mayo
Peter Kolias
Peter Millar
Phoebe Sanders
R West
Rachael Shapiro Majka
Rachel Mielke
Rachel Mulder
Rae M.
Rafael Roden
Rainee R.
Raj Chaklashiya
Randy Walton
Ray Perov
rebecca snyder
Rebecca Subar
Rebecca T.
Rebekah Kubla
Reginald Evans
Reid A Gilsdorf
Rena Medow
Renee Arnett
Rev. Criss Ittermann
Rhonda Heatley
Rian S
Rich Lague
Richard Gardner
Riley O’Brien
River Fiocco
Rob Renzetti
Robert Tefft
roberta pyzel
Robin Morgan
Robin Saunders
Romunda Ekstein
Rosemarie Polinski
Rousz DeLuca
Roxy Radclyffe
Ryan DeMusis Leveillee
S r Rhodes
Sabrina Nunez
Sally Greenhouse
Sam E Rosenthal
Sam Herniman
Sam Knight
Samantha Eyster
Sara Bear
Sara Belyea
Sara Mann
Sara Phalen
Sarah Borger
Sarah Cahill
Sarah H
Sarah Jane T. Larkspur
Sarah Puco
Sarah Robbiano
Sarah Scott
sarah y gibson
scott herrick
Scott V.
Seven Blond
Shawn Meijer
Sheff Sheffield
Sheila Zeidman
Sherell Johnson
Shielding Cournoyer
Shirley G. Keaough-Peterson
Sierra Weir
Simone McNeil
Siobhan O’Reilly
SJ Stephens
Skyler Pia
Sonia Hamilton
Sophie Ciurlik Rittenbaum
Sovoya D
Stella Scali Krone
Steph Emerich
Steph Sybert
Stephanie Cartwright-Karlsson
Stephanie Delia
Stephanie Peralta
Stephen Braunstein
Stephen Sciscento
Susan Kason
Susan Marcus
Susan Musche
Susan Trotz
Susan Wehrle
Susannah Robichaux
Suzen Moffatt
Sydney Seewald
Tamara Rodriguez Reichberg
Tania Lizarazo
Tanner Fox
Tasha Crandall
Tay MacIntyre
Taylor Fontaine
Teresa O’Mara, LCSW
Teri Rask
Theo Solari
Thomas Gokey
Thomas Lee
Tiff McGinnis
Tiffany Do
Todd & Ellie Czerner
Tracey Canino
Traci Oberle
Travis Proffitt
Tyler Jones
Tyrrel O’Neal
V Johnson
V Wong
Valerie B
Valerie Skakun
Valerie Wald
Vania Sotolongo
Victoria Goodwin
Virginia Mohlere
Wendy Isacsson
Wendy L Williams
Wendy Shields
Wil Thieme
Wolf C. Edwards
Yasmin Nair
Yelena Katic
Zanne deJanvier
Zoya Melkova

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