COVID This Week- June 10, 2023


We cover the state of global COVID and the state of U.S. COVID. We also cover how the CDC is framing its superspreader event in Atlanta and how the Biden administration is helping claw back COVID funding. And we’ll explore what those two efforts say about how far the political class is prepared to rationalize allowing Long COVID spread through the American people.

EDIT: We misspoke. We meant to say, “[T]he position CDC is explicitly staking is that COVID is no longer harmful.” Not that “CDC is no longer harmful.” We apologize for what appears a Freudian slip.

Our apologies also that we were tardy in posting this episode. You will no longer be able to submit your comments on the Federal Register to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to tell them to prevent hospital acquired COVID. But you can read about these efforts as the People’s CDC contributed to them here.

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