Public Health Pulse Podcast Season 2 Episode 3: Dr. Sal Sandoval and Janhavi Dubhashi


Interview #1
Dr. Sandoval will discuss the challenges of protecting essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and climate & environmental crisis that disproportionately impact working class people of color. Sal will reflect on his vast experience and share his vision for a public health infrastructure that truly serves our people.

Dr. Sandoval has been involved in the rural San Joaquin Valley of California for most of his life. First as a family medicine physician working with Spanish speaking people, farmworkers, food processing workers, all the rural poor and homeless. For over three years, he has been a public health doctor, during the the COVID-19 pandemic. He has served on the National Advisory Council for Migrant Health and is on the Editorial Board of the Tribuno del Pueblo, writing extensively for a public health and medical care system that serves everyone.


Interview #2
Janhavi, is a health student leader and will bring her perspective as a
medical student and dedicated abolitionist to the forefront of our Public Health Pulse podcast! She will discuss her work to dismantle white supremacy in health institutions, the harm of incarceration to human health and her vision for a just and liberated public health infrastructure.

Janhavi is a born and raised Georgian with experience in health policy, medicine, and public health. She is a medical student and the Director of the Atlanta chapter of the Campaign Against Racism (CAR). She uses her abolitionist lens to identify the historical connections between white supremacy, capitalism and racism and imagines a future where our {health} systems work toward health equity. She plans to practice medicine in Georgia and hopes to open a formerly incarcerated transition clinic in the state to assist individuals who experienced the carceral system.


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