Too Many Deaths, Too Many Left Behind: A People’s External Review of the CDC

When the CDC announced it was conducting an internal review in 2022, we launched a People’s Review of the CDC. We surveyed nearly 500 public health experts and community leaders and reviewed over 200 journal articles, government reports, news articles and white papers. We found that the CDC prioritized individual choice and short-term business interest over sharing accurate scientific evidence with the public and protecting population health.

Survey participants testified that the CDC had inadequately addressed the pandemic in the 8 essential areas of pandemic management, which we identified: disease control and prevention, ethics, equity and justice, scientific integrity, public health infrastructure, communication, inclusion, and addressing root causes.

Below, there are several resources available. First, a fact sheet which has taken key elements of the report and provided suggestions for how the CDC could begin adjusting their strategies to meet the current moment of the pandemic. Next, the Executive Summary which is a condensed version of the lengthy review itself. Finally, the review in its entirety for those interested in reading the entire report.

This report was made possible by the invaluable contributions of many People’s CDC volunteers, community members and organizations, including University of Orange, COVID Safe Campus, Long COVID Justice Network, Pandemic Research for the People, and Marked by COVID

External Review Fact Sheet

External Review: Executive Summary

External Review: Full Report

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