People’s CDC Webinar: Communities are Our Best Defense


On January 19, 2023 the People’s CDC hosted a webinar. The webinar was a reflection and celebration on the first year anniversary of the establishment of the People’s CDC. With the federal government and countries around the world rolling back public health programs for controlling COVID-19, it’s clear such community efforts to shape public policy represent our best defense against a pandemic that continues to infect more than three million people worldwide every week. In order to build a robust response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we need organized and informed communities, using sound science, to pressure governments at all levels while simultaneously taking mutual care of one another.

The webinar offers updates on where we are as an organization by highlighting some projects and working groups, offers insights into the current state of the pandemic globally with COVID This Week, and offers a short report of academic labor organizers fighting for COVID safety and public health protections at the University of California!

Watch the Webinar below!

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