Public Health Pulse Podcast Season 2 Episode 4: Tamika Middleton


Throughout the pandemic and the escalating assaults on women’s bodily autonomy and transgender life & healthcare, Black women in the South have continued to lead society forward not only in resistance but also with a vision of a transformative just society. Tamika will discuss the ways the historic roots of our current landscape connect the intersections of reproductive justice, abolition, disability justice and healing justice in a powerful motion toward our collective political liberation!

Tamika Middleton is the Managing Director of the Women’s March. She is an organizer, doula, midwifery apprentice, writer and unschooling mama who is passionate about and active in struggles that affect Black women’s lives, especially regarding Reproductive Justice, abolition, and the rights of domestic workers. She is engaged in multiple grassroots organizations in Georgia including the Metro Atlanta Mutual Aid (MAMA) and the leadership team of Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective. She serves as a Community Advisory Board Member of Critical Resistance and is the Treasurer of the Organization for Human Rights and Democracy!


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